Inducore Components - the optimal choice for a range of industries

In the area of component manufacturing, Inducore´s operative units offer partial and total solutions for machining and sheet metal working. Operations include cutting, welding, systems assembly, contract manufacturing and logistics solutions.

Proprietary products, such as a self-centering Steady Rest, are also offered, in addition to services such as powder coating and industrial surface coating.

Atlings Maskinfabrik

Atling’s main business is contract manufacturing, with focus on metal cutting, to large, exporting industrial companies. Atling focuses primarily on long-term relationships with customers with repetitive needs who demand high levels of technical competence and quality, combined with reliable deliveries. The company also has a proprietary product, a Steady Rest, which is sold through distributors worldwide. Atling is located in Ockelbo, north of Stockholm.
Hamrångevägen 23
816 31 Ockelbo
​​​​​Phone: +46 (297) 557 00
Mikael Olofsson

Bollnäs Verkstad Production

The business is focused on welding and machining of complete steel structures. The majority of customers consist of successful export companies. The business was established in 1996 and is located in Alfta, outside Bollnäs.
Bollnäs Verkstad Production AB
Norra Ösavägen 10
822 40 Alfta
Phone: +46 (271) 553 00
Mikael Olofsson


Axipto is a well known subcontractor mainly to the heavy truck and construction equipment industry in Sweden.
The company has its roots in three Swedish engineering companies with different types of expertise within cutting processing and highly automated production with advanced technology.

Offers a broad variety of automated production techniques such as turning, milling, grinding, induction hardening and assembling of components.
Machine large and small details in long and short series in the materials cast iron, steel, stainless, aluminum, magnesium and brass materials.
Titanvägen 10
Box 257
382 23 Nybro
Phone: +46 (481) 475 00
Timmervägen 1
570 82 Målilla
Phone: +46 (495) 75 70 00
Verkstadsgatan 7
383 22 Mönsterås
​​​​​Phone: +46 (499) 71 53 00
Emanuel Svensson


Lemont is a qualified subcontractor for cutting, machining, sheet metal working and assembly. It offers a basic range of production services, which are then tailored to each customer’s needs and specifications. The customer base comprises primarily large export companies in the energy sector and manufacturers of forestry machinery. Lemont is located in Ludvika and Grangärde.
Lemont AB
Turbinvägen 1
771 42 Ludvika
Phone: +46 (240) 68 90 00
Tomas Olofsson

Svanströms Lackeringar

Svanströms Lackeringar is a surface treatment company with customers in the energy, forestry and industrial sectors. End-customers are located both in Sweden and throughout Europe. Svanströms has operations in Smedjebacken south of Ludvika. 
Svanströms Lackeringar AB
Thenors Väg 3
777 34 Smedjebacken
Phone: +46 (240) 754 00
Kenneth Svanström


LogWeld AB
Kvarnhedsvägen 4A
SE-770 14 Nyhammar
​​​​​​​Phone: +46 (240) 68 91 90
Fax: +46 (240) 64 15 61

Björkö Mekaniska 
with subsidiaries BN-teknik

Björkö Mekaniska AB (BMA) and BN Teknik AB (BNT) are two independent companies working closely together. The basis of both companies is advanced processing in CNC machines.

BMA has been in its present form since 1979. The company has breadth and flexibility and has a wide range of machinery and resources from prototype production and shorter series to automated series production.

BNT was launched as late as 1998 and has since start been focused on highly automated volume production. BNT focuses on offering advanced processing with high quality requirements at a competitive price.

Together the companies offer a complete solution for the customers processing needs. The resources we do not have in the house we solve through our network of talented suppliers. Quality has always been the focus and both companies are certified according to ISO-TS: 16949.
BMA Björkö Mekaniska AB
Aspvägen 4
SE-574 95 Björköby
​​​​​​​Telefon: 0383-318 50
Fax: 0383-313 93
Egon Nilsson
BN-Teknik AB
Galoppstigen 9
SE-575 95 Eksjö
​​​​​​​Telefon: 0381-66 20 60
Christer Kjellberg